Tweed doesn't have to be tweedy

August is officially tweed season. With the Glorious 12th marking the start of shooting season, it’s a time of year when temperatures start to drop, daylight starts to fade and the tweeds are reintroduced to weekend wardrobes.

Not all tweeds are created equal

Tweed is woven all around the world, the common misconception is that it’s all the same. Tweed comes in a range of weights, textures, colours and patterns, dependant on the raw material it’s made from and the finishing process. Every mill has it’s own house style of producing cloth thus creating a different product. Harris Tweed is famous for it’s depth and range of complex colour as well as it’s rugged texture. The Johnston’s of Elgin Heritage range offers a heavy weight and robust Estate style tweed with a soft handle, whilst some of the Yorkshire tweeds boast a lightweight feel.

Hunting Shooting Fishing Wedding

Once reserved for the countrified gentry of rural estates, the image and reputation of tweed has moved on from it’s stuffy reputation of old. A doff of the flat cap must go to the Harris Tweed Authority for the renaissance of the fabric; highlighting craftsmanship, heritage and provenance as rightly desirable attributes. The marketing efforts to push tweed into current fashion trends is awe inspiring, attributing in part to a social and economic shift in philosophy; a yearning for a simpler existence, with craftsmanship and artisan products at the forefront of the lifestyle.

The Modern Classic

Tweed has become ubiquitous in fashion, yet it’s constant reinvention and the innovative ways in which it’s styled keep it from becoming a fad or trend. New and exciting patterns and colours are released throughout the seasons from mills across the UK to keep designers and tailors relevant throughout the year. Brands such as Dashing Tweeds push tweed boundaries with retro bold colours and futuristic weave patterns, whilst Hunstman of Savile Row continue to reinvent lost and archived patterns from the past.

How would you style yours?

At ten30 we have a curated collection of tweeds from the best mills and producers across the UK. We have various weights and textures to choose from as well and a wide colour pallet.

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